Thanksgiving Day Reflections

I firmly believe that the older you get, the more grateful you are to spend time with friends and family. This has definitely been the case for me, and it’s especially true in such a weird year like 2020. Thanksgiving is a time to slow down, and get our hearts and minds right, in order to accept all that God has bestowed upon us with a spirit of genuine humility and gratitude. Forget the Black Friday Christmas shopping for a minute, and look at what you have in front of you. Starting with the very air you’re breathing. None of us are guaranteed another Thanksgiving, or another day for that matter. Which means we should do the absolute best we can living this one to its fullest.

One of the true meanings of Thanksgiving has been made loud and clear over the last few days. Aside from life itself, true family and friends are one of God’s most precious gifts. And they can be anywhere in the world.

I think it’s really neat how I can keep in touch with my good friend Melissa, her husband Jamie and daughter Delilah, even though they’re in England. Mel surprised me with a FaceTime call a few days ago that caught me completely off guard, but made me smile from ear to ear! I am thankful for her genuine kindness, being understanding, her uniquely English sense of humor, and always being there for me even though she is incredibly busy.

I’ve also used WhatsApp to get back in touch with my friend Emily. She’s a grad school classmate and friend, but she moved to Australia with her husband recently, and it looks like she’s living out her dream. It feels good to be back in touch with her though. That app is really handy! I was defintely worried I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with her once she had moved away, but being able to talk to her through WhatsApp solved that problem. I have always been thankful for Emily’s friendship. She’s probably the person I talked to the most in grad school, and who I could relate to the most during that point in my life. We commisserated a lot through our tougher times as graduate school students. But even though that time of my life is over, the friendship still remains. She never fails to lend an ear, or put a huge smile on my face whenever I hear from her!

And a couple days ago, my sister Christy and her boyfriend Chaz came up from Cincinnati to visit! It’s nice having my own apartment for sure. But there is nothing better than spending time with them when they visit. Getting the chance to be around them and my parents is what Thanksgiving is all about for me. Not everyone feels the love on Thanksgiving like I have. I am extremely blessed and forturnate to have friends here at home, abroad, and a family who has always had my back from day one 🙂

Without my friends and family, I am nothing. God has blessed me so abundantly with so many people who love me. Mom and Pop, Christy and Chaz, Mel, and Emily are only a few of the people God has given me as gifts, but I love and appreciate all the people who are always there for me.

Even in such an unusual year like this one, where we may or may not be able to spend time with those we love due to Coronavirus, the virus cannot take the true meaning of the season away: Gratitude toward God, and a humble and thankful heart for all the truly wonderful blessings He has given us. Spend as much time as you can, in whatever way you can with those who matter the most to you. Be safe with family, whether in person or otherwise. Enjoy that good food. Take stock of all that you have been given, especially when it’s so easy in these times to become fixated on what you don’t have. And make new, happy memories on this day that you’ll be able to look back on and cherish for a lifetime!

From me to you, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! God bless and keep you all 🙂

Published by Luke Wickiser

Hi everybody! I'm passionate about many subjects, such as faith, history, politics, and sports. Stay tuned to Luke's Thoughts for updates on all these things!

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