Hey everybody! I’m Luke Wickiser! I’m a guy who tries to find the good things in every day. Life is too short to be anything but happy. I love spending time with my family and friends, enjoying watching, following, and writing about the Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Browns, Cavaliers and Indians, and drinking an ice cold beer every once in a while.

But I also enjoy thinking deep too, and having spirited discussions and debates about things that might make the average person uncomfortable. Most people wouldn’t touch topics such as politics, philosophy, or faith with a hundred foot pole. Me? I’ll dive right in! Forgive the cheesy quote from Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider, but “You can’t live in fear.” Life’s too short to be timid or willfully ignorant.

I’m a rebel in some ways, too. And I love it. It’s me. Whenever someone tells me not to read or research something because it’s supposedly bad for me or “blasphemous,” that only makes me want to check out what people are freaking out over. I have an EXTREME distaste for big institutions, such as the government, media, and the Church telling people how to live. Mostly because I can’t stand condescension and arrogance from anyone. But also because I believe when people buy into these things, they are robbed of their free spirit, and ability to think for themselves.

I am a Christian who struggles and wrestles with his faith daily, and who wants to learn and grow in my walk with Jesus. You will never see me condemning others who don’t believe how I do. I have my sins and struggles like everyone else.

This is just a peek into who I am though. So I’ll end my introduction with this: We only get one go round on the roller coaster of life. So, buckle in, follow me to the top of the first hill, and enjoy the ride with me!

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