Are you a free spirit who likes examining everything about life, and all that comes with it? This is a place for you! Are you an independent thinker who wants to stay up to date on today’s events in an ever-changing country? Welcome aboard. Wonderful to have you! Are you someone who wants a break from the chaos in America today? Take a load off and relax. I’ve got plenty of thoughts on sports and faith that will make you smile, calm you down, and perhaps make you chuckle 🙂

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This is Luke’s Thoughts 🙂 The life journal of a 30-year old Ohio man who loves God, his family and friends, his country, and Cleveland sports. As well as the occasional ice cold beer.

There’s something on this site for everyone. Let all you find on this site inspire you, make you think, laugh, and most of all: Have fun during your visit! After all, we only get one go round on the roller coaster of life. Might as well enjoy the ride!

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