A New Hobby: Audiobooks

There was once a time in my life where I loved to read. I was a bookworm as a kid. I absolutely loved to read the Harry Potter series, and I read my Bible religiously (no pun intended). I participated in several reading programs at my local library. And even though I never read as many books as my classmates who were voracious readers, I always enjoyed whatever I read, typically about history, sports and all kinds of fiction.

Unfortunately starting in college, the habit of reading for fun had been replaced by reading for class, watching ESPN, partying with friends, social drinking and flirting with cute girls. I write this with a slight smirk on my face, but regret in my heart. Now that I have started listening to audiobooks regularly, I feel like I’ve missed out on so much knowledge that I could’ve gained a while ago. Books are meant to be read or listened to for more than just class assignments. I was foolish. But better late than never I suppose. All that I know, is that listening to audiobooks has sparked my love of learning again, and has helped me to have fun and grow in knowledge!

I’ve found it very hard just to pick up a hard copy of a book and read it the old fashioned way without becoming bored and not finishing it. I have a bin full of books in my apartment that I took with me last year when I moved out but I’ve only read a few. I used to think this boredom was from laziness. But I honestly think I just find it hard to keep my mind focused and engaged enough, and so I need a new way to enjoy things. Thank god for the Libby app!

The Libby app is powered by Overdrive software, and is basically a mobile-friendly extension of the Ohio Digital Library, right in the palm of your hand! I have searched several topics just to see what would come up, and I bet there are literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of books on practically every topic imaginable. I’m currently listening to an audiobook on the life of John Adams, but I am also bouncing between that and audiobooks by Ben Shapiro on battling political correctness, as well as Thomas Sowell and his commentary on Marxism.

I’ve also checked out an audiobook by former Ohio State head football coach (and future Hall of Famer) Urban Meyer on leadership. I’m really excited to listen to that one! Gonna start tomorrow and listen to a chapter every morning to see what I can learn from it. Maybe I can read a chapter of Scripture as soon as I wake up to get my mind focused on Jesus, and then once I get my mind focused on Him, maybe later I can use what I learn from Coach Meyer as motivation to attack my day!

It’s like this spark has been lit under me! I want to listen to some audiobooks for entertainment. I want to listen to others like Coach Meyer’s to be motivated and inspired. And I want to eventually listen to a self-help book or two on relationships and communication to be a better communicator and listener with my family and friends, and to build myself into a better and wiser man as I grow older. Especially if I eventually find a special lady to settle down with. I want to be wiser and better for her, whoever she ends up being. I’d better smarten up now while I can, so I’m not in trouble with her later 😉

I just feel like listening to audiobooks has unlocked a part of my mind that I forgot was there. It awakens my curiosity to learn more. Of everything! And it allows me to focus my mind on what I am listening to right at that moment. Sometimes my mind is going a hundred miles an hour, and negative self-talk can creep in. When I use more of my time to focus on what I am hearing and learning, it’s like my mind calms down, and I am at peace.

I now know why my best friend Tony loves to read so much and listen to audiobooks. It’s healthy for the mind, and can help us grow as people. People talk about physical fitness, and they definitely should. But mental fitness is just as important. A chapter or two a day from a great audiobook can help with that!

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Hi everybody! I'm passionate about many subjects, such as faith, history, politics, and sports. Stay tuned to Luke's Thoughts for updates on all these things!

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