Why I love to study History and Politics

I was never strong with math in school, and I always struggled with more advanced science. But when it came to studying history and anything to do with our civic, governmental processes, I excelled. And not only did I excel at it, I had fun and enjoyed it! I don’t know where exactly this cameContinue reading “Why I love to study History and Politics”

What makes an American?

What makes an American? This question was sparked by conversations with my father, one of the wisest men, and fiercest American Patriots that I know. Can we all answer the question of what it means to be an American with any sort of conviction, especially in today’s uncertain and scary times? If we could, weContinue reading “What makes an American?”

The Truth is AWOL, and Objective Journalism is Dead

I have always prided myself on trying to see opposing viewpoints. Whether I agree with them or not. Credit that to three things: being raised in a loving household with wonderful parents and an awesome sister, attending college, and naturally growing up and maturing. While I have my own inherent biases (as does everyone onContinue reading “The Truth is AWOL, and Objective Journalism is Dead”

Violation of individuality?

I saw something that angered me earlier today for a number of reasons. A 9th grade girl from Kentucky was expelled from her school, Whitefield Academy. But it wasn’t for the reason you might think. When people get expelled from high school, it’s usually for drug possession, possession of weapons, continuous fighting or other badContinue reading “Violation of individuality?”