A new understanding

Hey everybody! Hope everyone’s doing well. I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I try not to force anything, or write when my heart isn’t in it. And I haven’t really been inspired to write much lately. Although that changed after something definitely caught my attention, and I felt I hadContinue reading “A new understanding”

Ebbs and Flows in Faith

Hi everybody! Hope everyone had a joyful Easter celebration! Whether it was by yourselves, or with a small gathering of people. The beautiful thing about the Easter Sunday celebration is that we can commemorate, celebrate, and think on the Lord’s Resurrection in any life circumstance. Even the one we’re currently in. I recently saw somethingContinue reading “Ebbs and Flows in Faith”

Love of Holy Week

I always love this time of the year. Holy Week, for those who don’t know, is the week long commemoration (and eventually, celebration) of the finish of Jesus’ ministry on earth. Something about this week just gets me excited! Perhaps it’s the reassurance that He earned forgiveness for my sins (and all of ours) byContinue reading “Love of Holy Week”

A Christian’s problem with Christian propaganda

Hey everybody! Greetings from “The Bunker”! It’s been a few days since I last posted. Hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy during these crazy times. I’ve just kept myself busy by watching movies, reading, playing some NCAA Football, and taking walks by myself outside when the weather is nice like it was yesterday. It wasContinue reading “A Christian’s problem with Christian propaganda”

God is Teaching Us Something

I have started to wonder if God is trying to teach the world something by allowing the Coronavirus to affect humanity in the way that it has. I know what some of you are probably thinking: Yeah, right. God isn’t teaching us anything. He’s sadistic and He likes causing chaos and watching people suffer. He’sContinue reading “God is Teaching Us Something”

Truly living the faith

Good morning everybody! Hope you’re all doing great! I know I’m trying to make the most of today, even with everything on lockdown. I’ve been keeping myself busy. But I also feel like I’ve grown closer to Jesus over the last few days. Some eye-opening things I experienced last night and last week, have helpedContinue reading “Truly living the faith”

Podcast #1: Big Questions

Hey everybody! Hope you’re all staying safe during this whole Coronavirus mess. I know I’ve just been using it to wrestle with my thoughts, study Scripture, and talk to friends. But I want to talk to YOU. I ask you this: What are some of the biggest questions you have about life that you haven’tContinue reading “Podcast #1: Big Questions”

A New Starting Point

I don’t know how regularly other people read Scripture. But I do not read it anywhere as much as I should. Probably a couple times a week right now. When I am into reading Scripture for that day, I want to seriously study it, ask questions, or learn something that I may not have learnedContinue reading “A New Starting Point”

Finding peace amid panic

This Coronavirus hysteria is something else. I have never seen something like this slow down society so drastically. Nor have I ever seen how easily humanity breaks down under pressure. Wow… While the disease deserves to be taken seriously, it has shown me how fragile humanity is. Both mentally and physically. A few seemingly healthyContinue reading “Finding peace amid panic”

God literally is everywhere!

We may not always see it. I know I often don’t. It’s easy to get caught up in going through the motions with life when we’re not present in each moment, or when you have a stressful day. But God Himself is everywhere we look. I know I noticed Him in nature today through theContinue reading “God literally is everywhere!”