College Football Chaos!

Well this sucks. The Big Ten Conference has handed down their decision regarding the upcoming 2020 football season. Led by new Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren, the university presidents of Big Ten member schools voted to cancel the season in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Whether or not the vote ended up being unanimous IContinue reading “College Football Chaos!”

God is Teaching Us Something

I have started to wonder if God is trying to teach the world something by allowing the Coronavirus to affect humanity in the way that it has. I know what some of you are probably thinking: Yeah, right. God isn’t teaching us anything. He’s sadistic and He likes causing chaos and watching people suffer. He’sContinue reading “God is Teaching Us Something”

Finding peace amid panic

This Coronavirus hysteria is something else. I have never seen something like this slow down society so drastically. Nor have I ever seen how easily humanity breaks down under pressure. Wow… While the disease deserves to be taken seriously, it has shown me how fragile humanity is. Both mentally and physically. A few seemingly healthyContinue reading “Finding peace amid panic”

My thoughts on the Coronavirus

Perhaps I should’ve waited to write something until the full scope of everything plays out. But I couldn’t wait. As soon as I turned on the TV here in my apartment and saw that the NCAA canceled both the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments, I knew I had to write SOMETHING. Wow… I’m absolutely stunned.Continue reading “My thoughts on the Coronavirus”