My thoughts on the Coronavirus

Perhaps I should’ve waited to write something until the full scope of everything plays out. But I couldn’t wait. As soon as I turned on the TV here in my apartment and saw that the NCAA canceled both the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments, I knew I had to write SOMETHING. Wow… I’m absolutely stunned.Continue reading “My thoughts on the Coronavirus”

The Truth is AWOL, and Objective Journalism is Dead

I have always prided myself on trying to see opposing viewpoints. Whether I agree with them or not. Credit that to three things: being raised in a loving household with wonderful parents and an awesome sister, attending college, and naturally growing up and maturing. While I have my own inherent biases (as does everyone onContinue reading “The Truth is AWOL, and Objective Journalism is Dead”

Thoughts on Trump’s acquittal

Finally. It’s over. The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is over. The United States Senate voted to acquit President Trump on Article I: Abuse of Power by a 52-48 vote. They voted for acquittal as well on Article II: Obstruction of Congress by a 53-47 vote. Neither article came close to the two-thirds majorityContinue reading “Thoughts on Trump’s acquittal”

Violation of individuality?

I saw something that angered me earlier today for a number of reasons. A 9th grade girl from Kentucky was expelled from her school, Whitefield Academy. But it wasn’t for the reason you might think. When people get expelled from high school, it’s usually for drug possession, possession of weapons, continuous fighting or other badContinue reading “Violation of individuality?”