Thoughts on the First Presidential Debate

Just when you think things can’t get worse or any more ridiculous, they always do. I’m normally a positive, happy man with life in general. But even I can’t put a positive spin on the travesty that was the first Presidential debate last night. It didn’t show me anything new, offer any new insights into which way I should vote and why, and neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden seemed interested in truly stepping up, and being the President that America SORELY, SORELY needs.

Last night’s debate (I use that term extremely loosely) did show me a lot of negative things that need fixed with this country. Particularly the lack of civilized conversation and treating people with opposing views with respect. Trump and Biden kept constantly talking over one another, instead of exchanging ideas and countering with facts like in an actual debate or civilized discussion. And neither could refer to the points they wanted to make in the open discussion without being interrupted by the other, even though Trump was far worse at interrupting. Simply put, they didn’t behave like gentlemen, and it often felt like their sparring match was an ugly “Facebook war” played out in person.

You know what I’m talking about. Surely you’ve had an idiot troll you on Facebook before. Even if you make a good point or come with your guns loaded on a solid argument, they hurl insults at you because they know you’re right, or because to them, conceding anything is a sign of weakness. And if you keep pushing, some of them will sound as if they are yelling at you across cyberspace. That was the debate in a nutshell.

Both men conceded nothing, taught us nothing of any lasting value, and showed any sane, clear-thinking American that they both are incapable of leading this country. Biden didn’t admit to any point Trump made because he’s scared of losing his voter base. Trump was the same way when Biden brought up any points, AND he’s that insecure about his manhood that he has to hurl insults and attack, rather than logically defend any argument he has.

Yeah. I went there. I see Trump as less of a man. If you have to constantly hurl insults, deflect and project your weaknesses on your opponent, I question the thickness of your skin and the quality of your character. I may be a broke-ass average joe living in an apartment, but at least I have the self-confidence to treat people with respect, I don’t assume the world is out to get me, and I don’t care what most people think, so I let things roll off my back for the most part. I only attack when I know for sure someone is being a jerk to somebody else, or starting in on me or my loved ones. Then I get nasty. I am completely secure in who I am. I’m not overcompensating or covering for anything. That’s part of what makes a man and adult in my book. That’s where I think Trump’s parents screwed up when they were raising him. Something happened in his childhood where he only learned to attack any perceived threat and nothing else. But I’ll let the shrinks diagnose him and figure that one out. I would not want to be inside his head.

I also think the debate showed us that those at the top think it is okay to treat each other poorly in general. Yes, we have the responsibility to treat others well in our own lives, be they loved one, friend, stranger or even enemy. But when our elected leaders are behaving like Biden and Trump were last night, what is that teaching us? Even though they are our civil servants and we are their bosses, how those in Washington treat each other not only reflects the state of our country, but it sends a message to all 328 million of us on how we should treat our neighbors. And the message has been downright shit for at least over a decade. When was the last time we treated those different from us with respect, and dare I say love and care? Probably September 12, 2001, the day after the greatest American tragedy in my lifetime.

President George W. Bush and our other leaders at the time were focused on helping us heal from a national tragedy. It didn’t matter whether they were Democrat or Republican, they grieved with and for those in New York City, DC, and Pennsylvania. And we grieved right along with them. They weren’t looking to politicize someone’s death to further their agenda or demonize those different from them, as is often the case now. They wanted to let us know where we could donate or how we could help in person if we were in the area. They simply loved and cared about their fellow human being. Where is that same love in our society today? I don’t see it very often, and Trump and Biden squaring off showed us that we have a LONG way to go before we’re back there again. If we were where we need to be as a country, neither of these goons would be anywhere remotely close to the highest office in the land! We wouldn’t put up with them! Do we really need another national tragedy before we relearn the severely painful lesson in empathy that was taught to us by 9/11?!

The reactions to the debate also showed me that people aren’t willing to hold Trump or Biden accountable either when both of them lie, or when they sidestep important questions or issues with prospective voters. The supporters of either side will merely overlook any flaw, dig in, and vote for their candidate because the other is evil personified. I ask these questions to all those people, and I ain’t gonna sugarcoat ’em: What the hell happened to your decency and principle? Where is it? Was it ever there in the first place? What happened to voting for a President or other official for the right reasons? Our once proud republic is hurting right now, and those people aren’t helping to heal it. Shame on them.

I end this post with something said by Ben Shapiro that I think we all can agree with: I’m not sure who won the debate. But I know we all lost.

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