Will Justice Be Served?

Well I didn’t expect THAT to happen as soon as it did. But it’s happening: Ghislaine Maxwell, right hand woman, and former girlfriend of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested this morning in New Hampshire. She is alleged to have targeted many young girls for Epstein to groom and abuse as far back as 1994.

I’d argue she’s just as much of a monster as Epstein was. If not more so. Yes, Epstein abused the girls in many horrible ways, but Ghislaine knew what he would do to those girls, and STILL found ways to lead them to him. She even participated in some of the abuse herself! The whole thing sickens me and makes me sad. Perhaps I feel this way more than normal, because I recently watched a Netflix series on the case called Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. Here’s the trailer:

Filthy Rich Netflix Trailer

The series shocked me in many ways. Not only with the descriptions of the abuse which Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell inflicted upon the victims (I won’t get into that here, out of respect for the victims), but also with the way Maxwell and Epstein went about finding these victims, and faking interest in them as people.

Let the coldness of their process sink in for a minute. Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein targeted young, impressionable, innocent girls. They made these girls think they cared about them as people. They preyed on their trusting instincts. They preyed on their innocence. They preyed on the fact that all of these young girls had big dreams. So of course, when these girls saw that such high-profile people were taking a seemingly genuine interest in them and their lives, they opened up. And then Maxwell and Epstein proceeded to rip their innocence away from them. They probably also shattered the trust these girls had in humanity. They smashed it to smithereens. And it will probably take the victims a lifetime to get that trust back, if they ever do.

I myself have never experienced being a sexual assault victim firsthand. Thankfully. So I cannot know what the victims went through from that perspective. But I DO know people close to my heart who I love very much, who have been sexually assaulted. And some of the stuff that I heard from them turned my stomach, pissed me off, and made me hug them tight and hold them close while they cried. Or I was close by and trying to comfort them and listen to them while they had panic attacks. So I get especially angry when I hear cases like what is going on with Ghislaine Maxwell.

I hope the judge and jury bring the hammer down on her, and put her away for a VERY long time. But I also hope investigators can somehow get her to talk. I am not normally a big believer in conspiracy theories. I pride myself on usually being a rational, critical thinker. But I do not, for one second, believe that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell. The man had connections to Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton. At the very least. He had some very powerful friends in high places. Not to mention they all allegedly flew with Epstein to Little Saint James on his private jet, nicknamed The Lolita Express. So nobody can tell me that Epstein and Maxwell are the only ones who hurt these girls. My gut is SCREAMING pedophile web!

This whole situation reminds me of a story involving one of my favorite comic characters. Even though I try to be a good man who believes in doing the right thing and treating others well, I am a HUGE fan of a comic book character known as The Punisher, a dark, nasty vigilante from Marvel Comics. He’s a former Marine named Frank Castle who lost his wife and children in a gang shootout. And he makes it his life’s work to track down and kill the worst criminals who escape the justice system. The Epstein case kind of reminds me of what happened in one of my favorite Punisher arcs.

Punisher MAX: The Slavers comic cover

Punisher MAX, an adult comic, ran one of my favorite stories with The Slavers. Long story short, Frank rescues a woman and her baby from Eastern European gangsters, gets to know the woman and her story, and eventually figures out that she escaped from a worldwide prostitution and sex trafficking ring. After saving the woman and her baby, Frank discovers just how many people are involved in the sex trafficking ring, takes out one of its regional leaders, and threatens the remaining criminals. He lets them know that justice is coming for them. And that no one will escape or survive as long as he is hunting them.

One of the characters in that story reminds me of Ghislaine Maxwell. The character named Viorica was the right hand lady to the leader of this prostitution ring. She procured and groomed young girls and women for Eastern European gangsters/soldiers. She didn’t care at all about her victims or any babies they had. All of the women were scarred by how they were treated by Viorica. Frank eventually kills Viorica and her boss, before calling the police, and directing them to where all the women are before he disappears into the night. An otherwise dark and grim story ends on a brighter note, with a picture panel showing what happened to the rescued women and their babies. Some women were working full time jobs and providing for their children, others were recovering in therapy, and others were recovering at safe houses with their babies. Frank got a measure of justice for the women.

While the Punisher is a fictional character, and all of his stories are obviously fiction, I hope there’s justice in the real world as well. I hope the authorities eventually find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes with Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, and their “friends.” They all deserve to face justice. All of the victims deserve closure too. And I hope nobody rests until everything is brought to light!

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